Kung Fu Panda Wallpaper

Kung Fu Panda Wallpaper 1.0

The Coolest and the Funniest Wallpaper Ever!
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The Coolest and the Funniest Wallpaper Ever! Kung Fu Panda with his loyal friends will charm you in a snap. Those fatty panda legs and precise, but still clumsy kung fu moves present the peak of animation comedy.
Now who could possibly resist checking out the Kung Fu Panda with those big, anything else but frightful greenish eyes? Not to mention the hilariously confused look on the face of the bird, perhaps the wackiest character of them all. And the loyal follower monkey, who does not seem to know exactly what the heck is going one there. Even if it was not a free wallpaper it would be worth it. But it is free and waiting to pimp up your desktop with a top Hollywood comedy wallpaper.

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